Revision Policy

At PublishMatic, we provide high-quality academic assistance. We are always ready to revise your paper for any number of times. From our experience, Journal to Journal the format changes so do the required content. In case if the student is keen about the choice of the Journal then it require only one or two revisions. Moreover some cases the guide’s expectation varies from the student, in such cases also it requires to change the content more number of times. However we follow a standard writing style so as to minimize the requirement for revisions. In any case, we give you guarantee that the PublishMatic will provide all the efforts necessary to shape the research article to its best.


Plagiarism Policy

At PublishMatic we check each paper for plagiarism before delivery, in order to eliminate any possibility of plagiarism. We use custom made and the best available plagiarism checking software to make sure the work is original. Moreover each paper is checked for various factors such as originality, robustness, consistency etc by our experts before delivery.

The student has the opportunity to get original PhD dissertation assistance due to the special policy of the service which is aimed at the creation of the completely unique papers. Moreover, the service does not tolerate plagiarism among its writers and every expert has to demonstrate his creativity and deep knowledge on practice preparing the worthy informative and non-plagiarized thesis papers. Then one wants to pay for PhD thesis assistance, he should be ready to communicate with the writer in order to share his ideas about the topic and to help the writer to organize the student’s thoughts in the appropriate way making a personal and interesting dissertation with the completely alternative research approach towards the matter.

Copyright Policy

Moreover we provide the student with the copyright guarantee often this is overlooked by many writing services. This is to make sure the written article after delivery it belongs to the customer not to the writer or the company. Since copyright is a form of protection provided by law to authors of the original work, without a copyright the work will never be yours. Material not protected by copyright is available for use by anyone without the author’s consent. A copyright holder can prevent others from copying, performing or otherwise using the work without his or her consent. By offering the copyright we make sure in no way we use the content delivered to you in any other articles.