PublishMatic supports all the recent research activities of young minds. A conference is where writers gather to review the written works and suggest improvements. PublishMatic Research and Writing Organization will provide an outstanding international forum for sharing knowledge and results in all fields of Engineering and Technology. It provides quality key experts who provide an opportunity in bringing up innovative ideas. Recent updates in the in the field of technology will be a platform for the upcoming researchers. The conference will be Complete, Concise, Clear and Cohesive in terms of research related to Engineering and Technology. This process helps an author improve his or her work and learn to be a better writer for future works, both by receiving critiques of their own work and by mentoring the work of the other authors. Writers may also benefit from meeting and hearing from professionals in related fields, such as agents, editors, illustrators, publishers, and providers of other relevant services. The conference will provide an outstanding international forum for students, professors and tech enthusiast from all over the world to share ideas and achievements in the theory and practice of all areas of engineering. Presentations should highlight inventive systems as a concept that combines theoretical research and applications in all areas of engineering. All papers will be published in Scopus Indexed Journals.

“A conference is gathering of people who singly can do nothing, But together can decide that nothing can be done” … Fred Allan.
“One must spend time in gathering knowledge to give it out richly” …. Edward c Stedman.

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